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Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving easily conforms to your height needs, with wire, metal locker, wall brackets and more in wide supply online.

There are a variety of ways that items can be stored in a property with one of the more common options being shelves. These typically store items on display such that they can easily be seen and retrieved when needed. There are a couple of main options available when erecting shelves and while fixed shelving is a useful option, adjustable shelving can provide a more versatile system which can be modified to suit different storage requirements.

Adjustable shelving is typically available such that it can be either mounted on a wall or be free standing. The most common style available on the market has a metal frame which is fixed to a wall and this is set up such that the brackets and shelves can be arranged in a variety of ways. By being able to move the shelving around it means the system can be set up to suit the items being stored and if the storage requirements change the shelving can easily be adjusted to suit. This is the major advantage that adjustable shelves have over the fixed style.

It is simple to use adjustable shelving in a range of locations. In the home it is an ideal storage style for a range of rooms with kitchens, garages and basements being some of the locations where they can be a useful addition. However the adjustable style of shelving is also commonly used in commercial settings and can be used in office storage rooms, factories and libraries, to name a few of the options.

If you are in the market for an adjustable shelving system there are a few manufacturers that produce these. Rubbermaid is a well known company that produces simple adjustable shelves. They have a system that is known as FastTrack shelving. This is a simple wall mounted system where the uprights, rather than being fixed to the wall, are set up on a hanging rail, with the brackets and shelves then fixed to the upright. With the hanging rail being the only part that is actually fixed to the wall the FastTrack system is an easy and quick system to adjust when needed. The separate components of the system are sold individually and this means that it is easy to buy what you need to erect a custom built shelving unit. Costs for the individual pieces of the FastTrack system are typically around $10 for the uprights, $18 for wire shelves and $9 for the brackets.

There are a few other manufacturers that produce adjustable shelving systems. Some of the options available include Wall Perfect and they have adjustable shelve kits available which retail for around $39 for a 2 shelf kit and $60 for a 3 shelf kit. Knape and Vogt is another option and they have light, medium and heavy duty adjustable shelves available with the price depending on the size and strength of the shelves. Both these companies have online stores where their products can be purchased.

If you have the requirement for a convenient storage system that enables the items being stored to be easily seen and accessed, then an adjustable shelving system is an option to consider. There are a few options on the market and these are typically versatile systems that can be set up and modified as required to suit your storage needs.

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