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Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is a great industrial or commercial storage and display means, with a range of wire and steel racks that don't need a wall.

Shelves are a common fixture in most properties and are a useful feature for storing a range of possessions in plain sight. This makes the items readily available when needed and shelving can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. There are a few styles of shelving that can be used, with free standing units being an option. These can have a few different styles of assembly, with boltless shelving being one of the simplest and most convenient to put together.

Many styles of shelving will use a system of nuts and bolts to hold the various components together. However this generally requires tools to assemble the unit and also if any of the bolts are missing when delivered it can be frustrating trying to find a replacement. A simpler style that does away with the need for nuts and bolts is a boltless shelving system. This also goes by a few other names with rivet shelving being one of the most common of these. In this style the various components typically have small fixtures on them which enable them to be clipped together and interlock without the need for any separate connector pieces.

The obvious advantages of a boltless shelf unit are that it is much quicker and easier to build. With no tools required the components can be removed from the box when delivered and simply clipped together by hand. This style is preferred by many people for its convenience and there are a range of manufacturers that both make and sell shelving with boltless assembly.

Buy Rack is a company that has a few different categories of boltless shelving for sale and these include industrial, modular and Z-beam shelving units. These typically have a metal frame, although the shelves are available in a few different materials including particle board, laminated board or metal wire. The cost for the various units they have available starts at around $80 to $90 for smaller units and can increase to around $350 for some of the larger shelving units.

There are a number of other manufacturers that have boltless shelving systems available and some of these include Action Wholesale Products, Cisco Eagle and Vistamation. These can be good companies to look to for shelving which uses a boltless assembly system.

Boltless shelving can also be found for sale in a number of stores with Home Depot being an example of this. They have a range of boltless shelf units available from the Edsal Manufacturing Company and these typically start at a cost of just under $300 for the smaller units available. For some of the larger boltless shelf units however the cost can increase to in excess of $500. The units are manufactured of heavy duty steel and can either come with small legs or set on wheels.

If you require free standing shelf units for your property, a boltless shelving system is one to consider. They are a convenient style that is easy to put together by anyone and can be a useful addition to have in a home or commercial building for storing possessions.

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