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Fireplace Log Rack

A fireplace log rack offers utility and style, making a great form of holder for your firewood storage needs.

Many people like the look of a fireplace and this can bring a traditional and classic style to a room. While open burning wood or coal fireplaces are less common these days a few properties still have them, although gas and electric fires are a more convenient and cleaner option. Whichever style of fireplace you have there are a number of accessories which can be used with them and a fireplace log rack is one of these.

A fireplace log rack was originally used as a practical home accessory. When wood burning fires were more common it was a simple and convenient way to store logs in the home such that they were readily available when required for the fire. For those that have an open fire in their home this is still the case and a fireplace rack for logs is a common sense accessory to have.

However even in the modern day when gas and electric fires are a more common option, a fireplace log rack can still be used as a decorative piece to enhance the look of a fireplace and the room in which it is used. They are available in a range of attractive styles with many being produced in metal with an ornate look. Loaded with a few logs they can be an attractive ornament which helps to set off the look of a fireplace.

If you decide to use a fireplace log rack in your home there are a variety of places where they can be found for sale. There are a number of specialist fireplace and fireplace accessory stores on the internet and these can be good places to look for a wide variety of styles. Woodland Direct is one of these and they have a range of log racks for fireplaces that can be used both indoor and out. The indoor racks are produced in metal and come in a range of traditional and contemporary looks. The cost for these typically starts around the $100 mark for smaller racks, although can increase to $300 and greater for some of the larger or more decorative racks.

Other online stores which have fireplace log racks available for sale include North Line Express and the Fireplace Mall. In-store locations where log racks for fireplaces can be found include Ace Hardware which has a range of designs available with the cost for these starting around $40. The Fireplace Log Crib is an example of this and it is available for $37. It is a 40 inch circular rack made of black steel tubing and is both practical and attractive.

Lowes is another in-store retailer that has a variety of styles of fireplace log racks available. The cost for these starts at $20 for a basic look and increases to $170 for larger and more decorative racks. The UniFlame Black Rustica Log Rack at $80 is one of Lowes mid priced racks. This features a canvas log carrier inside a heavy duty steel frame and can be used to both carry logs inside and store them in the home.

If you want to create a traditional look for the fireplace in your home, then a fireplace log rack can help to achieve this. They are practical accessories for those with a real fire and can also be used to bring a decorative look to your home, whether you have a real fire or not.

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