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Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving units are offered in many forms, including steel, metal, wire, and plastic shelves and brackets.

Heavy duty shelving is designed to specifically be capable of withstanding the weight of heavier and larger items at a time.  You will want to decide the actual structure of the shelves that you need, before making your purchase and browsing online is one of the best ways to do this.  Through various web site search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, I have found several web sites that you can purchase metal and industrial shelving from, such as www.globalindustrial.com, www.shelfmaster.com, www.shelving-direct.com and www.easyrack.org.  These are only a few web sites that you can search and shop for industrial style shelves on, but by doing a web site search engine search, you will be able to find more.

If you would prefer to shop for heavy duty shelving at a local store, you can try your local furniture, home improvement, department and office supply stores, as well.  Walmart, K-Mart, JCPenney, Lowe’s Home Improvement and Office Depot are some of the stores that you can visit, to shop for metal shelving.  You may also want to browse your local Yellow Pages as well as local area newspaper classified sections, free flyers and circulars.  If you would like to purchase steel shelves at discounted prices, or used and marked down, you can search online web stores, such as Amazon and e-Bay.  These web sites not only offer discounted prices, but also, quite often offer special “deals” on bulk orders as well as “free shipping”.  Browse these sites to find better prices, but make sure that if you purchase metal shelves used, that you compare the seller’s prices to those of new shelves and view photographic images of the items.  Also, check with the seller whether or not they offer a “refund and return” policy, in the event that the shelves are not what you thought that they would be, or are somehow damaged, during shipping.

Just as with anything else that you take the time to invest your money into, you will most definitely want to shop around, for heavy duty shelving, especially considering the fact that there are so many different styles, types and designs available on the market.  On average, I have found that metal shelving is priced anywhere from about $80 to $200, online, depending on the style and design that you are purchasing.  You will find shelves for stock items priced well below these rates at the online discount web stores that I mentioned earlier.  Take the time to shop around and decide the styles, sizes and designs that will best suit your personal needs and tastes.  You obviously will want to be happy with the shelves that you purchase, both with the heavy duty shelving styles as well as with the amount of money that you end up spending.

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