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Rolling Clothes Rack

A rolling clothes rack on wheels gives you the benefit of portable garment storage and display for easy mobile access.

Many companies have the need for a simple way to store and transport garments and this can include a variety of businesses such as clothes manufactures, clothes retailers, hotels and laundries. In many cases a homeowner may need an easy way in which to hang clothing for which they do not have wardrobe space and in all these cases a rolling clothes rack is a simple solution.

A rolling clothes rack is typically a simple metal frame set on small wheels, such that even when fully loaded with clothes it is convenient to move around. In its simplest form the frame has one horizontal cross bar at the top on which it is possible to hang a variety of clothes of different lengths. However clothes racks on wheels come in a variety of configurations and this can include two cross bars at the top, a top and centre bar and even shelves rather than bars. These all provide options for storing a range of different clothing types.

The main advantage of using a rolling clothes rack, as opposed to a fixed standing rack, is the ease with which it can be moved around. This is a more convenient option, especially in a commercial setting where moving around racks of clothes is more common. It makes it easier for clothes manufacturers to move their garments from the factory floor onto delivery trucks and also makes it easier for clothes retailers to move their stock from a storage room to a display area. However there are many commercial enterprises where a wheeled clothes rack can be useful and they are commonly available for sale.

Rolling clothes racks can be found for sale in a number of retailers. There are few in-store locations that stock them with retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart and Target having options available. Walmart, for example, have one of the most affordable on the market available with the Mainstays Rolling Garment Rack costing just over $10 to purchase. This is a light duty rack which is aimed more at the home market and is an epoxy coated steel frame which features an easy assembly, with no tools required.

If you are looking for a wider section of rolling clothes rack equipment, then there are a few specialist internet retailers that have a range of styles available. Clothes Rack is one of these and they have medium and heavy duty rolling garment racks available in configurations which include single rail, double rail, racks with shelving and even collapsible racks. The costs for the wheeled garment racks they have available starts at around the $100 mark, although for some of the heavy duty racks the cost can increase to around $450.

A rolling clothes rack is a simple solution for those that need a way in which to store and transport garments. With the variety of styles on the market there is plenty of choice available and whatever your clothes storage needs you should be able to find a wheeled rack that is suitable for the job.

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