Wood shelving and other shelves discussed at length

Wood Lockers

Wood lockers are an excellent storage form, with wooden shelves and cabinets perfect for use in a gym, school, or elsewhere.

There are several different types of wood lockers available on the market, for sale, used for many different purposes.  Wood such as cedar keeps moths from destroying clothing items as well as adding a very “homey” appeal to any kitchen’s cabinets and pantry.  You can search online for lockers made of wood, by doing a simple web site search engine search, through Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Some web sites that I have found that you may want to browse are www.hollman.com, www.morelockers.com, www.treeforms.com and www.lockersofamerica.com.  You can also search on discount web stores, such as Amazon and E-bay, for used (as opposed to brand new) lockers made of wood.

Generally, the prices for wood lockers will vary, depending on the style, design and manufacturer of the item; however, I have found lockers made of wood cost anywhere from around $240 to $800, online.  Some web sites will offer special “deals” such as “free shipping”, percentage discounts on “bulk” orders or rebates on certain items.  If you would rather purchase your lockers at a local retailer, than online, you can visit your local department and furniture stores or even wholesale warehouse shops in your area.  Some of the local retailers that sell lockers made of wood are Walmart, JCPenney and Pottery Barn.  You can also search your local Yellow Pages and free flyers and circulars to find other stores in your area that have lockers, for sale.

If you decide to shop for wood lockers online, especially if you are purchasing “used” items, make sure that the seller provides photographic images for buyers to view, prior to purchase.  You will also want to inquire with the seller about their “refund and return” policy.  In the event that you may actually need to use this option, either because the locker or lockers turn out to not be what you had originally expected or if they are damaged during shipping or if there is any pre-existing damage that you were unaware of, prior to placing your order, you will want to be prepared.  Make sure to shop around, before settling on one item of purchase.

Wood lockers come available in many different types of wood, such as mahogany, maple, oak, cedar and cherry wood.  Depending on the room that you are purchasing the lockers for, you will want to take into account the type and shade of wood that is already in the overall motif of the room.  If you are actually purchasing the lockers for a small office or other business, cherry wood not only has a more attractive appearance, but it is much stronger and sturdier than many other types of wood, as well.  For your living room or bedroom, cedar works very nicely and for your kitchen, oak will sit well with just about any kitchen décor and theme.  As I have already mentioned, simply shop around, to determine the prices that you feel will keep you within your budget, but will also suit your own personal needs and tastes, as well.

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