Wood shelving and other shelves discussed at length

Wood Shelf Brackets

Wood shelf brackets are a leading shelving choice, offering both durable storage solutions and a great decorative wooden touch.

You can find wood shelf brackets online, for very affordable prices, when shopping for brackets to support your wooden shelves.  I have found that on average, wooden brackets cost about $12 to $25, on average, online.  You can check with a wide variety of web sites that sell wood brackets, such as www.theshelffactory.com, www.acehardware.com, www.houseofantiquehardware.com and www.architecturaldepot.com.  Simply perform a basic web site search through web sites search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, to find more web sites that sell wooden brackets for shelves.  You can also search discount web stores, such as Amazon and e-Bay to find the wood brackets that you are looking for, as well.

Along the same lines of actually purchasing wooden brackets, online, there are also web sites that teach you how to INSTALL the brackets.  By using the same search engines that I have already mentioned, type the actual keywords “wood shelf brackets” into the keyword field in order to find these “how to” web sites.  If you would prefer to purchase wood brackets locally, you can search at your local department stores, such as Walmart, JCPenney or Target, as well as home improvement and hardware stores, such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and Ace Hardware.  Considering the idea of actually making your OWN wooden brackets, you can also visit your local library, for books on the subject.  Another great source to find brackets for wooden shelves is by searching your local newspaper classified sections as well as your local Yellow Pages and free flyers and circulars.

Wood shelf brackets, which (for obvious reasons) you will find, are available in a very WIDE variety of styles, designs, types of wood, prices and places of purchase.  Some of the examples of what I am referring to are brackets made of cedar, pine or oak, larger sizes, to be able to support shelves holding larger and heavier items and the prices that I mentioned earlier, would usually be based mainly on the type of wood and manufacturer of the brackets that you buy.  You will always want to be satisfied with purchase that you make, including when investing time and money into purchasing wooden brackets.  Shop around and compare the prices and styles as wells as the sizes and styles of brackets available on the market for sale.

Whether you decide to actually purchase “already made” wood shelf brackets or wish to make your OWN, make sure you know all the specifics of the brackets, to the shelves for which you will be using the brackets.  Know the size and type of wood that would be best to be able to support the shelves and the items the shelves will be holding.  Make sure that you are not “jumping the gun” and simply assuming that the same type of wood from which the shelves are made, will be the best and most suitable wood for the bracket.  Keep in mind that the shelves are only support the items that you wish to place on them, whereas the brackets will be supporting both the shelves as WELL as the items ON the shelves; a harder and more durable wood may be needed, for the brackets.  For example, your shelves, themselves may be constructed of cedar, while the brackets you purchase or make yourself, may be better support, if constructed of oak or pine.  It all depends on the types, weights and sizes of items that you will be placing on the shelves.  Again, simply know your specifics, before making your purchase.

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