Wood shelving and other shelves discussed at length

Wood Storage Shelves

Wood storage shelves are ideal for both the home and office.

Have you ever been afraid to open up a storage area due to the inevitable avalanche of almost-forgotten items? It’s okay. We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to be there. By finding the right wood storage shelves, you should be able to organize your home and office with ease.

Whether you are looking to organize the storage area in your home, garage, or shed, wood storage shelves are a great option. The most basic shelving unit resembles a bookshelf, but is much deeper in order to accommodate more of your things. There are some varieties that have adjustable shelves that will enable you to customize the height of the shelves to fit your belongings.

Wood storage shelving also comes in many different varieties and styles. They come as basic as just a few boards screwed together, to as intricately detailed as having a design etched into the wood. The wooden storage shelving design that you choose depends on how you intend to use the shelves, your existing home décor, and the amount of money that you want to spend.

You will find wood storage shelving units made out of many different materials: stainless steel, wood, plastic, and even cardboard. Each of these is suitable for different things. Stainless steel shelving units are often used in areas that need to be kept sanitary, such as kitchens. Plastic is often popular for kids’ bedrooms because they aren’t as hard if the child runs into them. Cardboard shelves are most often used for shoes and other things that aren’t meant to be featured as decorations. Wood storage shelves are by far the most popular. Their classic look, durability, and availability make them a great choice for most uses.

Wooden storage shelves vary in their makeup. The kind of wood that the storage shelf is made out of will give you a clue to their overall quality and the benefits and downfalls that piece may have. For example, mahogany is popular for wooden storage shelving and cabinets because it resists swelling, warping and shrinking. It is also extremely durable. Cherry turns red when it is exposed to sunlight, so if you buy a cherry shelf, make sure that you aren’t buying it just for the color it is when you originally purchase it. There are many other kinds of wooden varieties for wood storage shelves to choose from as well, so make sure that you talk with a knowledgeable salesperson or that you do your homework before you choose a wood.

Once you have selected your new wood storage shelves, you will need to decide what other storage items can enhance its use. By using smaller storage containers in addition to the shelving unit itself, you will be able to better maneuver the things you store. Rubbermaid containers, shoeboxes, crates, and even file boxes can give you the organization you need in order to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed with the things you store. If your shelving is in an area that you will see often (such as an office, living room, or hallway) it might be worth it to spend a bit more money on wooden storage devices like magazine files, trays, and boxes. This extra touch of design will help ease your storage issues as well as improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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